The ASPIRE Challenge

Innovation starts with a simple problem and someone saying to themselves, “there has to be a better way.” We’re looking for the problem solvers and creative thinkers, students like you, which is why we created The ASPIRE Challenge, so we can find you, and you can get to know us.

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About The ASPIRE Challenge

Find an opportunity for innovation in your community, and think of a solution.

Whether it’s using technology to transform old-school social programs, or giving children in remote areas better access to books or speeding up the lunch line, if you’re a 2nd year post-secondary student we want to see how you think.

Thank you for your interest in The ASPIRE Challenge! The application window for this year’s competition will open on September 9th, 2019. Check back then for further information on how to apply.

Step 1: Application

Think of an innovative solution, discuss with an employer, then submit your application & resume. You are now a Challenger.

Application Requirements

Step 2: Feedback

We will give you individual personalized feedback on both your application and resume. Great advice guaranteed for every Challenger!

Step 3: Presentation

100 shortlisted Challengers will move to the next round and get the opportunity to present to employers via video conference. Feedback guaranteed!

Step 4: Innovation and Industry Insight Weekend

For the winners! 60 Challengers will win an amazing weekend in Toronto of design thinking, shark tanks, student networking, hanging out with employers, in a chill environment with great food.

Step 5: Internship

It doesn’t end there! 1 in 3 students attending the weekend will score a PAID SUMMER INTERNSHIP with one of Canada’s leading financial services organizations! Gotta love those odds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started


Asking for an Informational Interview

You’ve come up with an innovative solution, but are not sure how to approach an employer to discuss it? We’ve got you covered! This practical webinar provides actionable advice on asking for an Informational Interview including; how to identify the employer most relevant to you, how approach them and meeting etiquette (like who buys the coffee?). Skills for life!


Effective Resumes

Yes, you’ll get individual feedback on your resume when you submit it, but why waste a great opportunity with a substandard resume? Send in the best version you can and the feedback you get will help take your resume to the next level. Watch this webinar for top tips and advice.

Take The
ASPIRE Challenge

It takes just three steps to become a challenger.

  1. Find an opportunity for innovation in your community, and think of a solution.
  2. Speak to an employer and get feedback on your idea.
  3. Download the application form, brush up your resume and create your application file.

All done? Great! When you’re ready simply copy and paste your Application Form details, and upload your Resume and supporting Application File. You are now in the running to win. Good luck!

Having technical difficulties? You can also email your application to